FAIR together – Launching the Collaboration between the NFDI DataPLANT and the HMC Hub Information

HMCgrau.pngThe mission of the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) platform and the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) is to improve the findability (Findable), accessibility (Accessible), machine readability (Interoperable), and reusability (Re-usable) of research data across domains, with respect to the FAIR Principles. 

The HMC Hub Information and the NFDI Consortium DataPLANT now starts a direct collaboration at the Jülich Research Center

Starting in June 2021, the HMC Hub Information, located at IAS-9 (Materials and Data Science) under Prof. Stefan Sandfeld, and the NFDI consortium DataPLANT located at IBG-4 under co-spokesperson Prof. Björn Usadel will collaborate in the development of a domain-specific use case. In this collaboration HUB Information will directly contribute to the (further) development of metadata standards and ontologies in the field of plant sciences. The specific solutions developed here will then be broadened, extended, and generalized within the HMC to be incorporated into the cross-domain platform. 

Thus, synergies between NFDI and HMC will be exploited to make our research data FAIR together.

Maintenance 10.06.21 1-5 pm

To increase the resilience of the the SWATE Database some tests and configuration optimizations are necessary. These will be carried out on Thursday 10th of June starting at 1 pm. The connections might get interrupted and the SWATE Database might not be reachable for (hopefully) short time periods.

Sincerely your,
DataPLANT team

DataPLANT: Ongoing exchange with the NFDI and other consortia


DataPLANT plans to cooperate tightly with the NFDI4BIOIMAGE initiative on imaging data handling. This consortium will apply to the 3rd Call for the NFDI in September. Their central objective is to serve the research community with respect to its research data management (RDM) needs in bioimaging, including microscopy, biophotonics and bioimage informatics. To help them assessing the current situation of RDM in bioimaging, they ask for participation in their anonymous NFDI4BIOIMAGE Community Survey. They welcome contributions from all fields of research at all career levels including research support areas. After evaluation they plan to share the survey results openly with the public.


An other NFDI consortium organizes a virtual workshop on "RDM in Biophysics" on 24th July from 9:00 to 16:00. The workshop will be held as a video conference. Further information as well as workshop registration can be found on their website. Besides the already confirmed speakers, they welcome additional contributions that address RDM in the field and that trigger discussions. The meeting is a satellite meeting to the 13th EBSA Conference this July in Vienna, an important meeting for European and worldwide biophysical researchers.


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