DataPLANT took part in the 1st NFDI strategic workshop

DataPLANT participated in the first NFDI strategy workshop initiated and coordinated by the NFDI directorate. The workshop intended to find joint solutions and to tackle the further development of the NFDI focusing on cross-cutting topics. Not every cross-cutting issue is necessarily dealt with to the same extent by all consortia. DataPLANT e.g. indicated to cooperate on Research Data Commons (Infrastructures), (Meta)Data, findability, provenance, quality management and assurance as well as legal aspects. Further fields of common interest are user-driven developments, training and education and how to stimulate cultural change. DataPLANT plans to foster the cultural change towards the wide acceptance of data publications. In the upcoming phase the governance and sustainibility, internationalisation, policy advice and consultation will be jointly developed. Furthermore suggestions were taken up, according to which there should be a discussion on how best to integrate the consortia of the next round and whether tools/methods/filetypes might be suitable as an additional cross-cutting theme.

In the meantime the Terms and Conditions for Funding Agreements with the German Research Foundation (DFG) on Consortia within the National Research Data Infrastructure were published and are to be implemented by the applicant institutions. The same applies for the “Mittelweiterleitungsvertrag” (rules for the transfer of funds) which defines the relationship between the (co-)applicants.

DataPLANT participated in the 2nd NFDI conference

DataPLANT - a NFDI initiative focused on fundamental plant research - participated in the NFDI Conference 2020 held on 8th and 9th July 2020 online. DataPLANT was presented beside all the other consortia proposed for funding or in the planning stage. The abstracts (DataPLANT abstract) contain an overview on the consortium and the scientific communities addressed as well as information on the focus, user needs and objectives of the (planned) consortium. In addition to contributions from the GWK, the DFG and the NFDI board of directors, the abstracts presented the current state of discussion, planning and development.

The conference aimed at three objectives: Information provided by the DFG on the concept and the overarching goals of the NFDI, as well as on the key points of the proposal submission for the second and third rounds; networking among the consortia proposed and planned for funding; and presentation of the head of the newly founded NFDI Directorate, Professor Dr. York Sure-Vetter. In the future, the Directorate will support the self-organisation and networking of the consortia on cross-consortium services, on subject-related or data-like offerings and on other challenges.

DataPLANT's funding got granted by the GWK / Kick-Off in Progress

DataPLANT has been informed that the Joint Science Conference (GWK) has followed the recommendation of the NFDI Expert Panel and today decided to support the [NFDI 7/1 DataPLANT] proposal (press release of the GWK). Furthermore, it was informed that the GWK has not yet made a final decision on the amount of funding to be granted per consortium. This decision will be taken on the basis of a consultation of the NFDI expert panel, which will take place on 9 July. An official notification from the University of Freiburg as consortium leader in DataPLANT is also available. In parallel to the ongoing planning for the project kick-off, DataPLANT has entered into coordination with the NFDI directorate and exchange with the other funded consortia on consortium agreement, recruitment and cross-cutting topics. Further on DataPLANT participates in the joint NFDI workshop on meta data.