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DataPLANT presented at E-Science-Tage



Once again, the E-Science Days were acomplete success. In addition to the other fortunate consortia that have successfully mastered the first round of funding, we were also present with numerous contributions. Benedikt Venn (@BenediktVenn) used his poster to explain what an ARC (Annotated Research Context)  actuall is. 









Jens Krüger, one of the co-speakers of DataPLANT went in his tech talk into more detail about the Metadata ToolChain, which is offered by DataPLANT up to now.









Furthermore, our speaker Dirk von Suchodoletz with significant support through professional poster design by our project coordinator Cristina Martins Rodrigues placed DataPLANT on the winner's podium of the award winners with the poster about our Data Steward concept. First placed was Christian Schmidt (@SchmChristian) with his poster about NFDI4BioImage, a consortium we are looking forward to collaborate with in the future. Fingers crossed! Our sister project BioDATEN went third.










To conclude the event, Cristina Martins Rodrigues (@C_MRodrigues), our project coordinator, presented DataPLANT as one of nine scientific consortia of the NFDI during its workshop. Especially the cross-cutting topics to be addressed in collaboration of all NFDI consortia seemed to be relevant for the auditorium. It remains to wait how the NFDI landscape will look like after the completion of the 3rd funding round. We are excited!

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