DataPLANT News

22 Oct 2021

Possible unavailability of the SWATE service

Due to the release of our newest SWATE version 0.5.0 with awesome new features, there can be some unavailability of SWATE and SWOBUP today. The process should be finished by late afternoon. The newest version offers the transport of the “Sample Names” to the “Source Names” into a new table and the “export to .json function” in SWATE expert, amongst others. For a full list of updates and functions head over to the release notes of v0.5.0...

30 Sep 2021

Make a september to remember

This September has been a busy month for the DataPLANT team. It started with a trip by our project coordinator Cristina Martins Rodrigues to the Chlamy 2020+1. This is a biennial meeting of all groups working on Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. For the experts on the green alga, the RDM is also an important endeavour to act FAIR.

8 Sep 2021

First ever ARC Hackathon

From 6th to 8th September DataPLANT scientists of the different Task Areas came together at Villa Denis in Frankenstein to continue their work on improving DataPLANTs solution for FAIR data. the Annotated Research Context and its associated tools and services. During the three-day event, the data experts tackled four essential topics. ...

26 Aug 2021

Packaging research artefacts with RO-Crate

Dear DataPLANT Enthusiasts, since the beginning of our project, a lot has happened, always with the goal to improve the Annotated Research Context (ARC) as a FAIR Digital Object. To increase usability, we would like to invite you, the smart minds behind DataPLANT. Together we want to build, use or support ARCs with new tools, templates and ideas...

11 Aug 2021

ARC-Hackathon ahead

Dear DataPLANT Enthusiasts, since the beginning of our project, a lot has happened, always with the goal to improve the Annotated Research Context (ARC) as a FAIR Digital Object. To increase usability, we would like to invite you, the smart minds behind DataPLANT. Together we want to build, use or support ARCs with new tools, templates and ideas...

28 Jul 2021

DataPLANT presented in a NFDI special edition of Bausteine FDM

We are pleased to draw your attention to the new issue of the Open Access journal "Bausteine Forschungsdatenmanagement". In this special issue, various consortia of the first round in the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) are presented. In cooperation with the Board of Directors of the NFDI, a booklet has been created in which consortia from the various disciplines introduce themselves and describe the tasks and challenges in the field of research data management...

26 Jul 2021

Further exchange with the DFG and NFDI directorate on future community integration and onboarding

To advance the understanding and developing its role DataPLANT exchanged ideas with Ms. Kerremans from the DFG and Mr. Sure-Vetter from the NFDI Association on future community integration and onboarding of new participants. The topics we had already talked about e.g. at the NFDI Infratalks were discussed further....

23 Jul 2021

DataPLANT participating in the first NFDI consortium assembly

Today the first meeting of the consortium assembly of the NFDI association took place online. In this meeting the nine initial consortia kicked off another integral part of the NFDI governance. A couple of important personnel decisions were made. The Chair (Christoph Steinbeck of NFDI4Chem) and Vice Chair (Dirk von Suchodoletz of DataPLANT) of the Consortium Assembly have been newly established. These two offices were not previously provided for in the articles of the NFDI Association, but were...

7 Jul 2021

Choosing and deploying a data repository for DataPLANT

A service developer and administrator in DataPLANT Jonathan Bauer from the University of Freiburg gave a presentation on the current state of the deployment of InvenioRDM for the Science Data Center coordination working group on infrastructure. The Invenio repository software is getting production ready and will be deployed as a DataPLANT service for data publication. KeyCloak is providing authentication services and bwSFS ("storage-for-science" in Baden-Württemberg) offering the storage backend...

22 Jun 2021

Election of Dr. Dirk von Suchodoletz as spokesperson of the consortium according to the statutes of NFDI e.V.

We are happy to announce that progress continues to be made regarding the NFDI e.V. As the first consortial assembly will take place at the end of July, we have elected our spokesperson of the DataPLANT consortium on association level last week. We will be represented by Dr. Dirk von Suchodoletz, who also acts as spokesperson for the DFG-funded consortium. Cristina Martins Rodrigues, DataPLANT's project leader, was elected as deputy ...

15 Jun 2021

Advancing the discussion on sustainable financing

DataPLANT got involved into furthering the discussion on sustainable financing via it's co-founding project BioDATEN. In Baden-Wuerttemberg the science data center activities are coordinated by a working group which held a meeting on business models to discuss options to establish sustainable support of research data management. Here, the insights of the NFDI and the state of considerations got presented by the DataPLANT speaker ...

10 Jun 2021

FAIR together – Launching the Collaboration between the NFDI DataPLANT and the HMC Hub Information

The mission of the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) platform and the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) is to improve the findability (Findable), accessibility (Accessible), machine readability (Interoperable), and reusability (Re-usable) of research data across domains, with respect to the FAIR Principles.

8 Jun 2021

DataPLANT: Ongoing exchange with the NFDI and other consortia

DataPLANT plans to cooperate tightly with the NFDI4BIOIMAGE initiative on imaging data handling. This consortium will apply to the 3rd Call for the NFDI in September. Their central objective is to serve the research community with respect to its research data management (RDM) needs in bioimaging, including microscopy, biophotonics and bioimage informatics. To help them assessing the current situation of RDM in bioimaging, they ask for participation in their anonymous NFDI4BIOIMAGE Community Survey ...

4 Jun 2021

GCC2021 Registration & Programme

DataPLANT is deeply involved with Galaxy as a workflow system and thus would like to advertise the upcoming Galaxy Community Conference. The early registration deadline for the 2021 event has been moved back to June 8. This gives you more time to take advantage of the 50% discount off full registration prices, so make sure you sign up now so you don't miss out.

2 Jun 2021

Participation in the upcoming 3rd NFDI conference on 8th July

DataPLANT will participate in the 3rd NFDI conference, held virtually on the **8th July**. The National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) is being established as a cooperative network of consortia over a three-year period (2019-2021) in three stages. DataPLANT was already successful in the first round. As part of the third round of calls, the third NFDI conference will be held in a virtual format on July 8 ...

24 May 2021

NFDI governance: General assembly of the association and the election of the scientific board members

On Tuesday, June 29, 2021 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, the first general member assembly of the National Research Data Infrastructure association (NFDI e.V.) will take place as a virtual event. The objective of the meeting is to elect three scientific members for the Board of Trustees. The election procedure takes place as a general election. The members are entitled to propose persons for the election ...

16 May 2021

DataPLANT will engage further with InvenioRDM for Data Publication

DataPLANT envisions a much stronger role of data publications in the future. To provide the possibility of data publication, DataPLANT prepares to use InvenioRDM, a modern state-of-the-art framework. InvenioRDM is funded primarily through CERN’s using both structural funding as well as grant money. Invenio is a partners driven endeavor to answer data publication needs, and collaborating on InvenioRDM helps with a cheaper and better product. Collaboration-wise InvenioRDM works as an open collaboration without formal project agreements between partners ...

9 Mar 2021

DataPLANT presented at E-Science-Tage

Once again, the E-Science Days were acomplete success. In addition to the other fortunate consortia that have successfully mastered the first round of funding, we were also present with numerous contributions. Benedikt Venn used his poster to explain what an ARC (Annotated Research Context) actually is. Jens Krüger, one of the co-speakers of DataPLANT went in his tech talk into more detail about the Metadata ToolChain, which is offered by DataPLANT up to now. Furthermore, our speaker Dirk ...

2 Mar 2021

DataPLANT presented at NFDI-Talks online series

DataPLANT presented in the second event of the NFDI Talks online series on considerations on project sustainability and community expansion as the total number of researchers covered by the NFDI in Germany should be steadily expanded in the course of the formation process. Additionally the consortia should provide concepts for a long-term perspective after the first funding phase. The ongoing procedures for the formation of new consortia as well as the activities within the already funded ...

25 Feb 2021

Participation of DataPLANT at the E-Science-Tage

DataPLANT focusing on fundamental plant research presents itself in multiple fashion at the upcoming EST. We will give an overview on the Annotated Research Context (ARC), ongoing technical developments for a first set of annotation tools and our concept for the use of Data Stewards. We are also participating in the NFDI workshop and one of our infrastructure partners, bwSFS - Storage-for-Science, will also be along with a poster ...

16 Feb 2021

DataPLANT will give a NFDI talk on community pervasion and sustainability

At the following NFDI talk on March 1, 4 p.m., the speaker of DataPLANT will give a presentation on the current state of the discussion on "Community Pervasion and Sustainability". This contribution addresses the cross-cutting topic of further NFDI development and integrates key aspects discussed since the beginning of the project in September 2020, such as in the speaker jour fix, the exchange with the DFG in mid-January 2021 and the NFDI directorate in February. One of the main goals of each ...

1 Feb 2021

Swobup - the Swate OBO Updater to foster the standardization process

Joint efforts of TaskArea 1 (standardization), TaskArea 2 (technical infrastructure) and TaskArea 3 (data stewards, community support) focusing on the optimization of digital workflows in plant sciences, have enabled one of our developers from Freiburg to implement a tool that facilitates the use of the Swate tool. The tool operates in the background on the Swate Database hosted at the DataPLANT site in Tübingen. Swate is a Swate Workflow Annotation Tool for the Excel spreadsheet application ...

28 Jan 2021

Exchange of ideas on concepts for sustainable operation and community extension

The project coordinator and speaker of DataPLANT had an online meeting with the NFDI representative of the DFG regarding further community involvment and sustainable development of the consortium and the NFDI. In the half hours talk possible ideas got exchanged, how future project applications could foster the developments to support the steadily expanse of the number of researchers represented by the NFDI. This includes the ongoing process of forming consortia as well as the activities within ...

18 Jan 2021

Virtual exchange between NFDI4BioDiversity and DataPLANT

Envisioning the collaboration within all NFDI-consortia, members NFDI4BioDiversity and DataPLANT met at the behinning of the new year for a virtual exchange to discuss cross-cutting issues such as standardization, teaching and qualification, common base level infrastructure, the role of data experts and support in research data management, sustainable financing and consortia extension strategies and common strategies of life sciences-related NFDI consortia. The conversation on the challenging ...

18 Dec 2020

DataPLANT participates in the CfP for the ''E-ScienceTage 2021 - Share Your Research Data''

DataPLANT submitted three proposals following the Call for Papers of the E-Science-Tage 2021: Share Your Research Data scheduled for beginning of March in Heidelberg. The consortium plans to participate in the workshop suggested by the NFDI directorate to present the fundamental plant research community as part of the future research data management landscape. Such an integrated RDM landscape and services enables reproducible research, the linking of interdisciplinary expertise, the sharing of ...

17 Dec 2020

Participation in the virtual HeFDI-Plenary at Philipps-University Marburg

The Hessian Research Data Infrastructures HeFDI hosted its first virtual Plenary on December 17 last year, and DataPLANT was on board. The primary focus of the event was both cross-site networking of RDM-related groups and illustrating the change about the way data is handled. Especially the inspiring keynote by Prof. Dr. Iris Pigeot from BIPS Bremen, entitled "Data Science and Data Sharing - Mission Impossible without Intelligent Research Data Management?" forced the urgency of well conceived ...

11 Dec 2020

Gitlab and large files - data sharing and versioning for the DataPLANT community

DataPLANT needs a solid technical base for collaboration within projects and between (inter)national research groups. This can be achieved through a framework which supports data versioning and sharing. The starting point is the Annotated Research Context (ARC) which got presented in an Kick-Off Task Area 2 "Software / Services". A widely used platform - well beyond it's original purpose of maintaining code in collaborative software projects - is the versioning software Git. As the ARC consists ...

24 Nov 2020

Persistent person identifiers for long time research data

In a significantly networked and highly collaborative scientific field such as plant research, the goal is to jointly use and federate services for data management. With the goal of a well acknowledged data publication in mind a persistent link between research objects like published Annotated Research Contexts (ARC) and persons need to be established and maintained. Of central importance for this objective are persistent identifiers of researchers. Because of the high turnover within this group ...

16 Nov 2020

State of the backend storage infrastructure is evolving

The storage system bwSFS (Storage-for-Science) forms the geo-redundant distributed technical backbone for basic storage services, research data management and sharing of data. It contributes to the storage infrastructure for the DataPLANT community beside the de.NBI infrastructure services. The central storage components of bwSFS are located at the Tübingen and Freiburg computer centers. In order to reasonably manage the intended broad user base of the system - besides DataPLANT, the local ...

30 Oct 2020

Kick-Off Task Area 2 ''Software/Service''

On October, 30th the participants in Task Area 2 gathered to discuss and define the direction of the developments in software, services and infrastructure. The participants bring in a diverse expertise in a broad range of field to foster a lively exchange and a broad range of concepts and ideas to be discussed with the community: Christoph Garth is an expert in visualizing biological data in HPC context, setting up workflows on large data sets and integrating them into services landscape. Stefan ...

22 Oct 2020

DataPLANT is happy to annouce a project coordinator

The DataPLANT NFDI was able to convince Cristina, a highly skilled person about to graduate in fundamental plant research as a project coordinator. She will help to work on DataPLANT mission to combine the technical expertise in the areas of basic plant research, information and computer sciences and infrastructure specialists for supporting plant scientists in the handling of research data in a customized way.

21 Oct 2020

DataPLANT participates in Second NFDI strategy workshops

The second NFDI strategy workshop focused on vision, values, mission as well as on the technical architecture of the NFDI. The workshop was organized by the NFDI Directorate. In the meantime the association has been successfully founded and registered. The directorate has also been completed in terms of personnel. The aim of the workshop was to sharpen the vision through the participating consortia: Why are we doing this and what kind of world do we dream of? There was also an exchange about ...

5 Oct 2020

DataPLANT extends the Call-for-ARC to the wider community

The Annotated Research Context (ARC) is a conceptual combination of experimental data with associated annotation, metadata and description of computational workflows. It aims both as structuring the workflows on the local desktop of the user, allow for sharing and versioning and finally be the base of a data publication. The ARC covers the complete research cycle and includes experiment data described with the ISA model, reference knowledge, computational steps like software, code and ...

21 Sep 2020

DataPLANT: First General Assembly

On 21st September the DataPLANT participants gathered online to officially meet for the First General Assembly of the consortium. More then 40 people participated and discussed in the two hours session. At the beginning the DataPLANT mission got refined and explained and how it fits into the NFDI general objectives. The NFDI intends to build a national, sustainable data infrastructure for disciplinary sciences. All successful consortia will enjoy a funding for five years initially. After a successful...

11 Sep 2020

DataPLANT governance: First round of board meetings held

During the beginning of September the board meetings were held, starting with the Senior ManagementBoard followed both by the Scientific and Technical bards. The first round of meetings got chaired bythe speaker, future meetings will be coordinated by a board chair supported by the office. It was decided to make the relevant informationtransparent; thus the slides and minutes are directly available via the linked PDFs. All information presented and decisions made will be made public in the future ...

31 Aug 2020

DataPLANT pre kick-off coordination meeting

The (co-)applicant group of DataPLANT (speakers of the consortium) met in Annweiler/Trifels from Thursday to Saturday (27th till 29th August) to discuss the kick-off of the governance and to prepare the various boardmeetings which will be held in the coming weeks. The senior menagement board will have it's inaugural meeting the 3rd September, followed by the scientific and technical board meetings. These meetings are part of the NFDI and DataPLANT community governance. The coordination ...

26 Aug 2020

DataPLANT took part in the 1st NFDI strategic workshop

DataPLANT participated in the first NFDI strategy workshop initiated and coordinated by the NFDI directorate. The workshop intended to find joint solutions and to tackle the further development of the NFDI focusing on cross-cutting topics. Not every cross-cutting issue is necessarily dealt with to the same extent by all consortia. DataPLANT e.g. indicated to cooperate on Research Data Commons (Infrastructures), (Meta)Data, findability, provenance, quality management and assurance as well as legal ...

9 Jul 2020

DataPLANT participated in the 2nd NFDI conference

DataPLANT - a NFDI initiative focused on fundamental plant research - participated in the NFDI Conference 2020 held on 8th and 9th July 2020 online. DataPLANT was presented beside all the other consortia proposed for funding or in the planning stage. The presentations gave the respective intentions and scientific communities supported in parallel tracks. The abstracts contain an overview on the consortium and the scientific communities addressed as well as information on the focus, user needs ...

26 Jun 2020

DataPLANT's funding got granted by the GWK / Kick-Off in Progress

DataPLANT has been informed that the Joint Science Conference (GWK) has followed the recommendation of the NFDI Expert Panel and today decided to support the NFDI 7/1 DataPLANT proposal. Furthermore, it was informed that the GWK has not yet made a final decision on the amount of funding to be granted per consortium. This decision will be taken on the basis of a consultation of the NFDI expert panel, which will take place on 9 July. An official ...

16 Jun 2020

DataPLANT signs the ''Leipzig-Berlin-Erklärung zu NFDI-Querschnittsthemen der Infrastrukturentwicklung''

DataPLANT is a co-signatory of the Leipzig-Berlin Declaration on NFDI Cross-Sectional Issues in Infrastructure Development and regards this joint document as the basis for the necessary mutual coordination based on sustainable processes and structures. For example, topics that are relevant to several expert consortia are to be worked on cooperatively and across individual consortia in the interests of sustainable interoperability. Further questions from the areas of infrastructure, integration of ...

19 May 2020

Positive vote of the reviewer panel to the DataPLANT application

Yesterday, on 18 May, the announced decision of the NFDI Selection Committee's panel of experts reached us. In this decision, which has yet to be confirmed by the GWK on June 26, DataPLANT was recommended for funding along with eight other consortia. We are pleased that we have been able to successfully follow our vision for RDM in fundamental plant research together with you and hope that we will master the last mile as well. Further feedback on the grant application is announced for August at ...

28 Feb 2020

Reply to the reviewer panel's protocol sent to the DFG

Today the DataPLANT consortium sent the three pages reply to the reviewers remark and used the chance to clarify a couple of open questions. We got a quite positive feedback on our concept of data stewards as a central support element to the fundamental plant research community. This core element makes the training and recruitment of suitable people a central task of the DataPLANT consortium. The successful training of the Data Stewards essentially requires basic skills in the standardized ...

11 Feb 2020

DataPLANT advised on grant application and discusses compensation models with participants

The NFDI starts to shape the future scientific landscape and should be taken into account when planning research projects and cooperations. Together with a participant, the "Plant Genome and Systems Biology" group at the Helmholtz-Zentrum München DataPLANT discussed possible forms of support regarding both infrastructure services and consulting. Such cooperations would require agreed upon compensation models. Both parties acknowledged the fact of challenges regarding cost compensation models ...

10 Feb 2020

DataPLANT receives positive feedback from the DFG, but still work ahead

DataPLANT was present at the 3rd NFDI Community Workshop - Services for Research Data Management in Neuroscience hosted at the 10th Februar at Ludwig Maximilians University Munich to exchange with other NFDI consortia and discuss common topics like infrastructure provisioning. The NFDI4Neuro as well as the NFDI4BIMP intend to hand in their proposals in this year's round of applications. The main topic of this community workshop was the exchange on infrastructure for the NFDI and especially ...

13 Jan 2020

DataPLANT receives positive feedback from the DFG, but still work ahead

BioDATEN and DAplus+ are jointly involved in the nationwide NFDI process with DataPLANT Consortium (in the area of Fundamental Plant Research). End of January the review of the DFG assessment of the of the application and the oral presentation in Bonn (Link to the older message) in early December arrived. The reviewers gave a widely positive feedback, from which we deduce that DataPLANT is still in the group for consideration of funding. We would like to thank our collaborators from the Galaxy ...

9 Dec 2019

DataPLANT NFDI application defended in Bonn

DataPLANT was initiated by BioDATEN in Baden-Wuerttemberg and DaPLUS of Kaiserslautern and Jülich to create a NFDI consortium on fundamental plant research. It took part in the next round together with other consortia like NFDI4AGRI, NFDI4Earth and NFDI4BioDiversity. On the 2nd and 3rd of December 2019 the DataPLANT consortium has been in Bonn and presented and defended the NFDI application. The perceived feedback on the first day was quite positive. On the second day, we received in a ...

18 Oct 2019

Next step in the NFDI building process: Grant application submitted

On Tuesday the 15th October the DataPLANT NFDI consortium submitted it's proposal to the DFG. The consortium in Fundamental Plant Research consists of roughly 30 participants including universities and large research institutions distributed over the country. A significant proportion of the participants originate from Baden-Württemberg and the BioDATEN Science Data Center. Further co-applicants are the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and the Forschungszentrum Jülich. The central aim of ...

30 Aug 2019

Participation in the NFDI governance workshop in Bonn

A colleague from Freiburg took part in the NFDI Governance workshop hosted by the DFG in Bonn. The objectives of the workshop were the discussion of possible legal forms for the NFDI structure and giving an overview of the steps up to the application date of 15th October 2019. In the morning there was a presentation by a consulting law firm, which was mandated by the DFG to examine possible paths of governance and legal models. In the afternoon, questions were discussed under moderation by DFG ...

5 Jul 2019

Forming the consortium in the NFDI process: DaPLUS+ and BioDATEN Science Data Center

Together with colleagues from Tübingen, Konstanz, Freiburg, Heidelberg, ... parts of the BioDATEN community joined forces with the DaPLUS+ consortium from Kaiserlautern, Jülich and Düsseldorf to paticipate in the process to create a National Research Data Infrastructure. The newly formed consortium centers around plant data in bioinformatics and handed in a binding "Letter of Interest. In modern hypothesis-driven science, researchers increasingly rely on effective research data management services and ...

30 May 2019

The Berlin Memorandum on cross-cutting topics

A colleague from Kaiserslautern joined the event co-organized by other NFDI consortia in Berlin.

15 May 2019

BioDATEN" and "DaPLUS+" at NFDI conference in Bonn

Both the not yet started Science Data Center "BioDATEN" and the DaPLUS+ initiative were present at the two days NFDI conference held in mid of May in Bonn. The Science Data Center BioDATEN - Bioinformatics DATa ENvironment is a community effort in standardization, services and sustainable research data management. It plans to combine the tools and services provided in frameworks like Galaxy with efforts towards standardization and research data management. DaPLUS+ was formed by colleagues in ...