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Make a september to remember

30 Sep 2021

This September has been a busy month for the DataPLANT team. It started with a trip by our project coordinator Cristina Martins Rodrigues to the Chlamy 2020+1. This is a biennial meeting of all groups working on Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. For the experts on the green alga, the RDM is also an important endeavour to act FAIR.

Chlamy 2020+1

Back in Germany, the following week already brought joint work on DataPLANT Services as part of our 1st ARC Hackathon. Together we worked on the following topics

  • Creation of sample ARCs
  • Ontology
  • Raw data parser
  • ARC common API and Converter
  • ArcCommander special features

Besides the actual work, the event offered the opportunity to finally meet at least some of the DataPLANT colleagues in person. Taken together, the event was a complete success.

1st ARC Hackathon

Still at the hackathon, Timo Mühlhaus opened the new ToolTalks series of the NFDI with a talk about the tools developed in DataPLANT. Unfortunately, you didn't have the time to attend? Find the recording of the presentation on Youtube.

1st NFDI Tool Talk

With the aim of taking the successes achieved straight into the community, Timo Mühlhaus and Cristina M. Rodrigues took part in the MAdLand Annual Meeting 2021. Not only the venue was breathtakingly beautiful, but also the talks like the presentation by Mona Schreiber

MAdLand Annual Meeting 2021

Last but not least, the collected impressions of not only September but the entire first year were gathered and transformed into a plan for the second year in the strategic DataPLANT-Meeting.

Strategic DataPLANT Meeting-2021

We are looking forward to a successful second year! Let's be FAIR.

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