DataPLANT News

First ever ARC Hackathon

8 Sep 2021

From 6th to 8th September DataPLANT scientists of the different Task Areas came together at Villa Denis in Frankenstein to continue their work on improving DataPLANTs solution for FAIR data: the Annotated Research Context and its associated tools and services.

During the three-day event, the data experts tackled four essential topics: 1) Creation of executable ARCs, 2) improving SWATE templates and DataPLANT Ontology, 3) developing a common ARC API and converters, and 4) integrating the Galaxy Project into ARCs. On the first day fruitful discussions delivered starting points for the following days, which led to solving key questions and major progress for all of the tasks.

Since some of the researchers saw each other for the first time in person, also team building acitivies in form of a nice hike through "Pfälzer Wald" and a Pub Quiz were part of the event. The Hackathon was highly appreciated by all of the participants and everyone was already looking forward to the next one. To be continued…