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Participation of DataPLANT at the E-Science-Tage

25 Feb 2021

DataPLANT focusing on fundamental plant research presents itself in multiple fashion at the upcoming EST. We will give an overview on the Annotated Research Context (ARC), ongoing technical developments for a first set of annotation tools and our concept for the use of Data Stewards. We are also participating in the NFDI workshop and one of our infrastructure partners, bwSFS - Storage-for-Science, will also be along with a poster.

🌱 The Annotated Research Context

Poster by Benedikt Venn (Session 6 - 04.03.21 | 13:55-14:15)

  • The ARC aims at capturing the entire research cycle and defines a framework for organization, sharing, versioning, reuse, and evolution of research projects.
  • It respects FAIR and linked open principles.
  • The usage of common spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel) with low system requirements minimizes the friction to the user.
  • It provides full metadata annotation based on the ISA model.
  • The modular structure facilitates a granular reuse and development of raw data or processing workflows.
  • Guided creation and metadata annotation leading to an interface between research communities and public repositories.

🌱 Annotation Tools

Talk by Jens Krüger (Session A2 - 04.03.21 | 15:40-16:00)

Swate is a Swate Workflow Annotation Tool for the Excel spreadsheet application. It aims to provide a low-friction workflow annotation experience that makes the usage of controlled vocabularies (ontologies) as easy and intuitive as possible. It is designed to integrate in the familiar spreadsheet environment that is the center of a great deal of data-focused wetlab work.

Swobup (Swate OBO Updater) is used to synchronize terms in a previously defined OBO file uploaded to a Github repository by an authorized user. Swobup parses the OBO file and incorporates the changes into the Swate database. The user then has the updated terms available in the Swate tool without having to manually enter individual terms.

🌱 Data Stewards

Poster by Benedikt Venn (Dirk von Suchodoletz (Session 3 - 04.03.21 | 13:55-14:15)

Data stewards are a core element of our strategy of fostering a good scientific practice and for dissemination of common standards, concepts of research data management and workflow services. Data stewards play a special hinge role between service providers, individual researchers, groups and the wider community. They also help bridging the gap between researchers and technical systems. Project groups and individual researchers will profit from direct support in their daily tasks ranging from data organization to the selection of the proper tools, workflows and standards. DataPLANT invests a significant amount of its budget into data stewards and defines an explicit dispatch model that focuses both on the major research groups as well as core and future participants in the consortium.

🌱 bwSFS - Storage-for-Science

Poster by Benedikt Venn (Dirk von Suchodoletz (Session 3 - 04.03.21 | 13:55-14:15)

The storage system bwSFS (Storage-for-Science) is one of the major technical infrastructures for the NFDI consortium DataPLANT and further as well as the Science Data Center BioDATEN. It forms the geo-redundant distributed technical platform for basic storage services, research data management and sharing of data both during ongoing research and through data publication in the various project phases. The system providing traditional SMB/NFS as well as object storage has a solid hardware base with modern monitoring and various redundancies, some of which extend beyond the site boundaries.

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We would be happy to see you there!