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DataPLANT is happy to annouce a project coordinator

22 Oct 2020

The DataPLANT NFDI was able to convince Cristina, a highly skilled person about to graduate in fundamental plant research as a project coordinator. She will help to work on DataPLANT mission to combine the technical expertise in the areas of basic plant research, information and computer sciences and infrastructure specialists for supporting plant scientists in the handling of research data in a customized way.

She coordinates the DataPLANT consortium within the NFDI, which is concerned with supporting research data management in basic plant research. She is in close contact with the research community and the speakers of the consortium. She will interact closely with thematically related NFDI consortia and the NFDI Directorate. To this end, she already brings a wealth of experience in the plant community to bear to advance collaboration with various stakeholders in Germany and internationally. She also coordinates the governance of DataPLANT and assists the "Data Stewards" in supporting the researchers in the individual groups. In addition, she represents the spokespersons in committees and associations at federal and European level. Her profile: She holds a Master's degree in plant sciences with a thesis on "Physiological and biochemical analyses of sugar transporter-dependent cold response of Arabidopsis thaliana". Her further career as a plant physiologist began with her entry into the department of Prof. Neuhaus, where she started her PhD as a member of the BMBF-funded Betahiemis project.

She already possesses excellent skills in the management of scientific projects. In the course of her research activities she was able to acquire knowledge in the management of large data sets and experience in scientific data analysis and data visualization. She has already come into contact with topics relevant to DataPLANT such as ontologies, data containers, FAIR data. She has a wide range of publishing experience and experience in fund acquisition, third-party funding management, and writing project reports. She is also familiar with committee work and the organization of conferences and workshops.

Cristina will take her post in November. Further open positions in the DataPLANT NFDI which will appear in the coming weeks can be found on this web page and positions in the context of the general NFDI are posted at the NFDI webpage at